AI Card Sort Activity


Can a Computer be Intelligent?

We offer an interactive presentation to secondary schools (for any and all year groups) covering the debate regarding whether Artificial Intelligence is or will be possible.

Below is a short, taster version. This was initially recorded for a Seren Conference aimed at sixth-form students. Unfortunately, the video is only available in English at this moment in time.

Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Ranking Intelligence

This is a card sort activity used in conjunction with our AI talk/workshop.

The aim is to consider what intelligence is by attempting to work out what order the below images should be ranked.

There are no wrong or right answers in this exercise. It is best to do with or alongside others (family members/friends/classmates) to instigate debate.

The images below are taken from a series of cards produced as part of a TechnoCamps workshop

A dog
A dolphin
A washing machine
A sheep
A monkey
A rock
A human
A self-driving car that talks
A self-driving car
A kitten
A horse
Autopilot on a plane
A smart phone
An ant
A chess playing computer
A sheepdog
A pilotless fighter drone
A bee
A book
A DIY robot
An elephant
A hive of bees
A computer that makes art
A tree
Dancing Robots
A flea
A non-player character (NPC) in a computer game
A Venus Flytrap