Robot Crafts


Robot Crafts


This is an activity we have hosted during previous Robotics Weeks. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we decided to put this online for any and all to enjoy.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire creativity around the theme of robotics, by getting people to make their own models from various crafting materials.

We provide a selection of ideas and templates to get your imagination going.

Remember: Robots can come in all shapes and sizes.

There is also a gallery below of people's efforts, which, we hope, you will help us add to with images of your creations.

Selection of crafted robots

Watch us give it a go...

Material Ideas


Robot Cupid Instructions

A4 Paper Robot (including template)

Origami Robot (YouTube Video)


Colouring in 2D Robots Masks
Robot Chain
Retro Robot
One-wheeled Robot
Two-wheeled Robot
Wobble Robot
Dancing Robot
Mix and Match Parts 1
Mix and Match Parts 2
Basic Robot
Storm Trooper
Domed Robot
Safety Robot
Samurai Robot
3D shape templates Robot templates Other
Triangular Prism
Square-Based Pyramid
Robot Cupid - Blank
Robot Cupid - No Colour
Robot Cupid - Coloured
Boxy Robot
Cubee Robot
Paper Robot
Sitting Robot
K9 (from Dr Who)
Marvin the Paranoid Android


A pink box body and orange box head. The head has googly eyes and a smile. The body is decorated with foam shapes, LED lights and pom poms
A red box body with a clear drink cup as a head. The face is a round red foam with googly eyes and sticking out tongue. It has two red and white striped pipe-cleaner arms. There are different coloured pom-poms on and in the head
A dodecahedrom with different patterns and images drawn on each side suspended from a pipe-cleaner
A green box with google eys, two rectangular box feet lit with yellow LEDs and pom-poms as hair
Pink boxes and tubes to create an android decroated with google eyes and different foam shapes
Alien-like plasticine and drinking straw robots with googly eyes
A shoe-box rover for carrying tools. Has a lightbulb in a clear plastic dome on top.
A large three box android with a dome over it's head, tube arms and a roller to move on
A tin foil wrapped two box retro style robot
Robot fire extinguisher made from a spice jar, cardboard, pipe-cleaner and googly eyes

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Faculty Outreach Co-ordiator: Natalie Roberts