Egg Tower Challenge


Egg Tower Challenge

This activity involves building a tower that can safely support an egg as high off the ground as possible.

Please note that this activity can be messy and should be done under adult supervision.

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The Task

To build a tower that can safely hold an egg as high as possible off the ground.

You will need to find out what you have available and are allowed to use for this from the choices below:

The Rules

You only have 30 minutes to build your tower.

You can only use one of the above combinations - you cannot mix and match between these pairings.

The tower must be free-standing (not leaning or being supported by anything else).

No sticking the tower to a surface (for example floor or table).

The egg is not to be put on the tower until after the tower is complete.

The tower needs to stand for one minute (60 seconds) after the egg is placed for this to be successful.

The height achieved is measured from the base of the tower to the lowest part of the egg.

The egg must remain whole.

You should always wash your hands after handling raw eggs.

The Test

Ask a responsible adult to do or supervise the test.

As stated in the above rules, the egg and tower must stand for 60 seconds before the measurement is taken.

Is the distance from the base of your tower to the lowest edge of the egg greater than 20cm?

If yes, then Congratulations! If not, then consider trying again with what you've learnt.

If other family members take up the challenge, this could be held as a competition to see who builds the tallest egg tower.

Additional Challenges

We really hoped you have enjoyed this activity so far. Here are some suggestions for how to make it more challenging if you want to:

Make the object it has to hold something heavier and/or larger.

See if you can achieve a measurement of over 50cm.

Try to build the tower using just paper.