Bauble Design
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


3D Bauble Design

This activity uses TinkerCad design software available in browser at It is free to use however, you will require to set up an account.

We have the below workshops available for anyone new to 3d designing in TinkerCad.

Introduction to TinkerCad
Making a Rocket in TinkerCad
3D Shape Challenge

The challenge today is to use TinkerCad to design a Christmas bauble.

If you wish to simply focus on the patterning, here is a link to a basic bauble shape to work with.


An elongated bauble design with snowflake patterning
A hollowed-out bauble with star cut-outs and an angel figure inside
A curved edge cube bauble with stars engraved into each side.

For more examples and/or ideas you could perform a bauble search on Thingiverse - this is a free online library of 3d designs people have published.

Share your designs with us

Please send a public link, or screenshot, of your design to

Merry Christmas!