Minecraft Challenge
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


Minecraft Challenge

This challenge can be done in any edition of Minecraft including the Educational Edition that many school pupils have access to.

Alternatively, you can use Tinkercad 3d design software (as used in our Bauble Design advent activity). Once you've completed your design, you can select the pickaxe icon in the top right to convert it to a Minecraft creation.

The challenge

Create a festive scene from Minecraft blocks.


The below designs were created as part of an ACSW (Aberystwyth Computer Science Women) social event.

A Minecraft village decorated for Christmas with a colourful tree and an ice rink

Large striped candy canes in front of a large igloo.

A giant snowman surrounded by candy canes next to a stable.

Santa's sleigh flying through the air

A really large, decorated tree with presents underneath.

Share your designs

Please share your designs with us. Just send screenshots to nar25@aber.ac.uk

Merry Christmas!