Christmas Present Tangram
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


Christmas Present Tangram

Merlyn's parents went Christmas shopping, leaving him to babysit his little sister. When they left, he was told to make sure that neither of them touched the presents under the tree.

Distracted by a phone call from his best friend, Merlyn left his sister playing in the living room for a short while.

Their parents messaged to let them know they were on the way home.

Merlyn checks in on his sister to let her know. He finds her next to the Christmas tree where she's built her own tree out of the presents.

A tangram of shapes forming a Christmas tree shape

Now he must put them back how they were, and fast. He remembers that his father had been chuffed at how they were arranged in a perfect square.

How do the presents need to be re-arranged to form this square again?

Merry Christmas!