Logic Puzzle
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


Logic Puzzle

Santa has had a long night delivering presents.

He reaches the final street of houses to discover that during the journey through rough weather at high speed, the last five gifts in his sack have fallen out of their wrapping and lost their name tags.

Thankfully, Santa has a checklist for names and addresses, so he pulls it out of his pocket, peels off the mince pie crumbs, and stares at it in horror. The writing has been soaked through by rain and possibly some brandy.

He can only make out some of the information. Can you help him work out which kid each toy is going to, which house number they live in and what colour wrapping paper they should be in?

  1. The remaining houses have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  2. Glenwen's present is wrapped in blue paper.

  3. The computer game is not for Dafydd.

  4. The art box is for Gwion who lives in a house number lower than the kid with a purple wrapped present.

  5. Bronwyn's house number is lower than Gwion's.

  6. The teddy in red wrapping paper is for the person whose house number is lower than where the green wrapped present needs delivering.

  7. Seren's present is not wrapped in green paper.

  8. Dafydd does not live at house number 3.

  9. The robot pet is to be delivered to a house number lower than where the teddy was going.

  10. The red present is not to be delivered to house number 1.

  11. The Lego is to be delivered to the house with a number one higher than where the red present needs delivering.

  12. House number 3 is expecting a present wrapped in yellow paper.
A blank logic grid for this puzzle

House Number Kid's Name Toy Wrapping Paper

Merry Christmas!