Logic Puzzle 2
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


Logic Puzzle 2

Five children went Christmas shopping. From the clues below, can you work out who bought what, for who, and how much it cost?

  1. Glenwen bought a gift for her uncle.

  2. The gift for a brother was the cheapest.

  3. The gift for a mum was £10 less than the speakers bought for a sister

  4. The hand puppet is not the gift for a dad.

  5. Seren bought a Computer Game, this cost exactly twice as much as the building set.

  6. The gift for an uncle cost less than the one bought for a sister.

  7. The building set cost more than £10.

  8. The dad was gifted some jewellery.

  9. Dafydd spent £30.

  10. Bronwyn bought a hand puppet.
A blank logic grid for this puzzle

Child's Name Gift Bought Who For? Cost

Merry Christmas!