Genome Game Answers


Genome Game Answers

Animal and Plant Cells

Part Is it in an Animal Cell? Is it in a Plant Cell? Function
Nucleus Yes Yes Control centre of the cell - contains genetic information
Vacuole No Yes Space within the cell to hold sap
Cytoplasm Yes Yes Jelly-like substance where chemical reactions happen
Chloroplasts No Yes These contain chlorophyll and is where photosynthesis occurs
Cell Membrane Yes Yes Allows nutrients in and waste products out
Cell Wall No Yes Rigid supporting structure around each cell
Mitochondria Yes Yes The power supply for the cells. Respiration takes place in them

Inside the Nucleus

A genome is an organism's complete set of genetic code.
This is made up of 20,000 to 25,000 different genes.
The code in these is written in chemicals called bases.
All of this is stored in our DNA inside the chromosomes.
These, in turn, are inside the nucleus of each cell.

The Genome Game

One possible answer:
If gene 1 is 0 then creature has 6 legs
If gene 2 is 1 then creature has red head
If gene 3 is 0 then creature has yellow body
If gene 4 is 1 then creature has yellow eyes

Decoding the Human Genome

There are many reasons to do this, here are a few: