Introduction to Marketing


Introduction to Marketing

An interactive presentation designed as an introduction to business growth and marketing.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts.

Equipment provided

For this interactive presentation, we provide a delivery officer, the PowerPoint presentation and pre-session reading material (in pdf format).

What you need to supply

A computer connected to a presentation screen or projector for displaying the PowerPoint presentation.

A room with flexible seating to allow for discussions within groups of differing sizes.

Paper/workbooks with pens if you wish for students to take notes.

If available, we also recommend provision of small whiteboards and dry-wipe markers.

Length of workshop

This activity can be done in an hour; however, we would prefer to have a longer time period to allow maximum engagement from the participants. This can be split across two sessions to fit into stricter timetabling requirements.

Age groups

The material covered in this activity ties in with both the GCSE and A-Level Business curricula.

We can also cater it to year 9 students considering their GCSE options.

Links to other workshops

We have a range of A-Level webinars with exercises available on the Business section of the Outreach Hub. These are also available to download for free through our TES shop.

Virtual delivery requirements

A presentation screen or projector connected to Teams for delivery of the material.

If available, computers with internet connection to make use of online classroom applications for assessment of learning.