Cryptography Challenge


Cryptography Challenge

This workshop introduces students to cryptography. The activity includes a selection of classic substitution ciphers, transposition ciphers and steganography. The final challenge involves decrypting an message using an XOR cipher.

Equipment provided

We provide a delivery officer and all resources for this activity.

What you need to supply

A projector for use with our PowerPoint slides.

Pencils, erasers, and scrap paper for the students to use during their decryption attempts.

Length of workshop

Ideally we'd recommend 90 - 120 minutes for this activity. We can adjust the number of challenges to fit a shorter time frame, or drop the introductory talk on ciphers (relying on provided crib sheets instead).

Age groups

This workshop has been designed for GCSE and A-Level students.

We can offer a 'code-breakers' activity for younger students.

Virtual Delivery Requirements

This workshop is not available for virtual delivery.

There will be a classroom pack version of this workshop available soon in our TES Shop.

We do have a free teaching resource on TES called WJEC Cryptography - this is a lesson pack for the A-Level Computer Science curriculum.