Diamond Workshops



The properties of diamonds and how they are being used in new technology.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts.

Equipment provided

Along with a delivery officer, we provide a PowerPoint presentation and an optional display unit as a teaching aid.

What you will need to supply

A large screen or projector on which we can display our PowerPoint presentation.

Length of workshop

This session is 60 minutes.

Age groups

This workshop starts by covering/revising GCSE curriculum material regarding allotropes of carbon. This means we recommend this for years 11-13 (ages 15-18).

Links to other workshops

Our physics department offers a 'Careers in Physics' talk which highlights some of the research done at Aberystwyth University, including our work with diamonds in material physics.

Virtual delivery requirements

We are happy to deliver this presentation remotely through Teams or Zoom conferencing tools. This will require a large screen or projector connected to speakers, microphone, and webcam.

Alternatively, we have a basic GCSE diamonds worksheet available for free download through our TES Store or on our Outreach Hub - see Carbon Constructs page.

Variations on this workshop

We often use our light-up demonstrative model at public events and exhibits along with a selection of display posters.

For learners in years 7-10 (ages 11-14) we are willing to offer an in-person session covering the content in our online Coal vs Diamonds workshop.