Egg Armour Challenge


Egg Armour Challenge

Can you protect an egg from being damaged when a weight is dropped on it?

Please note this activity is designed to be done outside and under adult supervision.

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The Task

The challenge is to build a structure that will stop an egg being broken if a brick (or other available weight) were dropped on it.

You will need to think about what shapes and forms will provide strength and/or cushioning.

The Rules

You can only use paper and sticky tape.

You have 30 minutes to build your structure.

The egg is not to be put inside the structure until it is time for the test.

The test should be carried out by a responsible adult.

The Test

Film this stage if you can, it will help on play back to understand what did/didn't work and why.

As mentioned above, please have a responsible adult carry out this test to avoid injuries.

The weight and size of the object being dropped should be similar to a standard house brick.

The 'brick' should be dropped from waist height

Please ensure that the drop area and the space around it is clear and safe - the 'brick' may bounce.

Increasing the Difficulty

Once you have been successful with the above task, you may wish to challenge yourself further. Here are some ideas for how to do this:

Reduce the amount of paper used and/or try this without the sticky tape.

Increase the number of eggs the structure needs to protect.

Safely increase the height of the drop or the weight being used.