Egg Drop Challenge


The Egg Drop Challenge

Can you design and build something that will stop an egg from breaking when dropped from a height?

several broken eggs on a hard surface.

Please note that this activity is designed to be done outside and under adult supervision

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What You Can Use:

You can use a pencil, ruler, scissors and just 3 materials from those listed below.

Please make sure you ask your parent/guardian for permission to use your chosen items as they could be damaged during this activity.


Egg Carton

A Balloon

Water Bombs


A Wheelbarrow


    Sticky Tape

    Custard Powder Mixed with Water

    Packing Peanuts

    Shaving Foam

    Rubber Bands

    Plastic Carrier Bag


    A Washing-Up Glove

    An Empty Drinks Bottle

    An Old Pillow Case

    Paper Towels

The Rules

  1. The egg must be raw - If you do not wish to use an egg, perhaps a filled water bomb instead?
  2. You have 30 minutes to design and build your egg protector - set a timer.
  3. The egg (or water bomb) must be dropped
  4. You can only use materials listed
  5. The drop must be done by a responsible adult
  6. You must always wash your hands after touching raw egg

The Test

You should ask an adult to do this for you. The egg needs to be dropped from a height, ideally from an upstairs window. Please make sure that no-one is at risk of being hit during the test. You have been successful if the egg didn't break or leak.


Why do you think your egg protector did, or didn't, work?

How could you have improved your design without changing materials? Why?

Which materials would you use if you did this again? Why?