Egg Packing Challenge


Egg Packing Challenge

What is the smallest container you can design to hold 4 eggs?

Please note that this activity should be done with adult supervision

The Task

First of all, you will need four medium chicken eggs - we recommend that, if possible, you make your own out of plasticine/modelling clay

The task is to make the smallest possible container out of cardboard for these to be stored inside.

Here are some 3D-shape templates to help get you started with how to make a container.

Remember to leave a side open to act as a lid for inserting and removing the eggs.

The Test

Want to know how well you did?

Then we need to do a little bit of maths.

We measured up the size of an egg carton designed to hold 12 medium eggs:

A standard egg carton for holding a dozen eggs with dimensions of 29cm, 7cm and 11cm.

We simplified the maths involved by treating the box as a rectangle rather than a series of egg shapes attached to each other.

With these measurements we calculated the volume of the box as:

Length × Width × Height = 29 × 11 × 7 = 2233cm3

We're only interested in the size taken up by 4 egg sections of the carton. So, 12 (the number of eggs this carton holds) ÷ 4 (the number we're interested in) = 3

So, we need to divide the volume of the whole box by 3 to calculate the volume of box for four eggs:

2233cm3 ÷ 3 = 744cm3 (rounded to nearest whole number).

Now it's your turn.

You will need to work out the volume of your container.

Does your container have a volume lower than 744cm3?

Here are the 3D-shapes templates with volume calculations.