Aber Robotics Week 2022


Aber Robotics Week 2022

Aberystwyth University's Intelligent Robotics Group are hosting our annual Aber Robotics Week 18th - 24th June 2022 as part of the UK Festival of Robotics.

BeachLab: Saturday 18th June

An photograph of all those involved in BeachLab 2019 outside Aberystwyth Bandstand. Banner present advertising BeachLab on 18th June 2022 at Aberystwyth Bandstand. Also includes a reminder of our Twitter account @AberOutreach to find out more about our events.

We are returning to our original seaside location of Aberystwyth Bandstand this year!

This event is a public showcasing of robots from, but not limited to, research, outreach, student and staff hobbyists, and educators.

We will also have guest exhibits from local companies and groups.

Register for free here: BeachLab 2022 eventbrite page.

Previous exhibits:

Dr Patricia Shaw with Miro, a companion robot pet
Dr Fred Labrosse with an autonomous all terrain vehicle.
R2D2 and his Steampunk partner. Built by Stephen Fearn
Dr Hannah Dee and her robot submarine
Tally Roberts with a range of educational robots
Another of Dr Fred Labrosse's autonomous all terrain vehicles.
Sivert Hellvik Havsø with Cranc, a coastal surveying robot
Dr Helen Miles with Barnes Rover

All exhibition photographs were taken and provided by Suzanne Fearn

Robotic Week Workshops

We will be running a series of free public workshops and talks during the week.

4:30pm - 6pm Monday 20th June: Teachable Machines Workshop

An online session hosted by Dr. Colin Sauze.

This workshop will show you how computers can learn to recognise different images, sounds and poses. It will use the web based tool called Teachable Machine that has been created by Google.

To get the most out of this workshop you will need:

  • A computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • At least two props that you can show to the webcam, such as two toys (for example cars, dolls, action figures or lego people).
  • At least two things which make different sounds, such as musical instruments, bells.

You do not need any experience in computer programming. Recommended for age 10+

Register for our Teachable Machine Workshop here

4:30pm - 6pm Tuesday 21st June: Electronics in Tinkercad Workshop

An online session hosted by Tomos Fearn.

How do TV remotes, toy cars and smart devices work?In this workshop we will build our very own electronic circuit in TinkerCAD, and programme it using Arduino C to move motors and activate lights.

This workshop will take you through step by step to build a circuit and write a program to control it.

No prior programming or electronics experience is necessary. Recommended for age 9+

Register to join our Electronics in Tinkercad Workshop here

4:30pm - 6pm Wednesday 22nd June: Robot Programming Workshop

An online workshop hosted by Dr Patricia Shaw of the Intelligent Robotics Research Group at Aberystwyth University.

This online workshop aims to introduce people to the world of programming robots.

As part of this event we will be looking at a selection of different robots and some of the added complexities of interacting with the physical world.

This workshop is aimed at people with some programming experience who are interested in applying it to robotics. As part of the workshop, we'll be using the robotbenchmark online simulation to look at explore a range of challenges.

Python will be the programming language used during this session. It is anticipated that participants will have some knowledge of Python programming. No experience with robotics is required.

Register to join our Robot Programming Workshop here

3:45pm - 5pm Thursday 23rd June: Introduction to Programming

This is an in-person workshop hosted by Tally Robots at Penparcau Hub, Aberystwyth.

Learn how to program by creating computer games using free online software called Scratch.

There will be two levels in this activity, one for complete beginners, the other for more experienced Scratch programmers.

Places are limited and require registration.

Click here to register for the Introduction to Programming workshop

6:30pm - 8pm Friday 24th June: Public BCS Talk - Resources for Parents and Educators

The BCS are hosting an online talk by Tally Roberts.

This webinar will be discussing some of the free resources available to parents and educators for teaching/learning digital skills.

Leaning on her experience in developing workshops, lessons and classroom resources, Tally will take you through her rapidly expanding online toolkit.

This will include demonstrations of classrooms software, simulators and online environments.

Click here to register for the BCS Talk

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Cannot Wait?

Here are some activities and workshops to get you started

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