Fake News


Fake News

What is fake news? When did it start? How can we detect it? Why is it a problem?

An interactive presentation looking at the sudden surge in fake news broadcasting.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts.

Equipment provided

We provide a delivery officer, PowerPoint presentation and laminated handouts.

What you need to supply

A presentation screen or projector for the PowerPoint.

Writing materials for the learners if you wish for them to take notes.

Length of workshop

This session is 60 minutes.

Age groups

We recommend this workshop for years 10-13 (ages 14-18) as this covers the period after they reach the age of digital consent.

Links to other workshops

This can be a stand-alone session, or linked into a series about internet safety, security and citizenship.

We recommend our more generic workshop on Online Safety as an introduction.

If you wish for more sessions to cover any of the other aspects of digital citizenship, then please contact us.

Virtual delivery requirements

A presentation screen or projector for Teams or Zoom connection with speakers, microphone and webcam.

Any hand-outs will be e-mailed across beforehand to be printed.

Variations on this workshop

The content of this session has some flexibility depending on if you have a specific focus in mind. For example, looking closely at the impact of fake news on reactions to Covid-19 and its vaccinations. Alternatively, we can focus the session more towards the practicalities of discerning fake news online.

For more creative groups with interests in the arts of theatre and media, we can focus purely on how the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast in America can teach us about the repercussions of fake news. This will include providing a copy of the original script for re-enactment.

We also offer the option of an activity in making their own fake news to illustrate just how easily such things can be created by anyone and everyone.