Dragon Racing


Dragon Racing

A workshop to start exploring probability through dice games.

This session involves making a basic racing game to explore how different combinations of dice can affect gameplay.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts.

Equipment provided

We provide a delivery officer, teaching materials and templates for creating a basic racing game.

What you need to supply

If you wish to include the creation of the dragon racing into this workshop then learners will need access to card, drawing materials, scissors, and tape/glue.

It is possible to do a more probability focused workshop without the game creation, for this we provide laminated gaming grids with dry-wipe markers.

Length of workshop

This session is 30 minutes without the game creation activity and 60-90 minutes with.

Age groups

This workshop has two levels of complexity aimed at learners from years 4-9 (ages 8-13). The basic workshop is introducing the concept of probability, whilst the advanced introduce probability matrices.

Links to other workshops

This can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop. Alternatively, it acts as a nice starter activity for our Non-Transitive Dice workshop.

Virtual delivery requirements

We are happy to offer remote support for this activity and all its elements. For this to work you will need to provide a large screen/projector with Teams or Zoom installed, connected to speakers, microphone, and webcam.

Templates and gaming grids will be sent via e-mail to be printed beforehand.

We have also made a version of this exercise, with all its templates, available on our Outreach Hub - see Dragon Racing Dice Game.

Variations on this workshop

We will happily adjust the probability workshop to suit a variety of different dice and board games.

There is a more advanced version of this workshop currently in development which focuses on probability and logic in board games such as Cluedo.