Planetary Exploration


Planetary Exploration

A presentation on planets in and beyond our solar system.

At Aberystwyth University we are fortunate to have been involved in both current and past planet exploration missions.

The aim of this session is to share information about the other planets in our solar system and how we are now able to detect planets further afield.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment provided

For this workshop we provide a delivery officer and a PowerPoint presentation.

What you need to supply

A presentation screen or projector which we can use to display the presentation.

Length of workshop

These sessions are 30-60 minutes long.

Age groups

For primary and KS3 (ages 11-13) students, we provide a tour of our solar system.

Those at GCSE and A-Level will be more in-depth and will take them to planets beyond our solar system.

Links to other workshops

As with many of our offerings, this can be presented as a stand-alone session or as part of a series.

We offer a workshop on Detecting Exoplanets which acts as a great extension for older learners.

A presentation on the ExoMars mission is also available which then ties in with our Science of Colour workshop.

Currently, we are working on developing new astronomy experiences using our planetariums.

Virtual delivery requirements

As with most of our workshops, we are happy to offer our support remotely through Teams or Zoom video conferencing software.

Alternatively, we have Planetary Fact Files with questions available on our outreach hub or free to download through our TES Store.

Variations on this workshop

We have previously hosted a short version of this talk at Elan Valley Visitor Centre within our StarLab Planetarium.

In the past, we have also moved outside to undertake an activity using learners holding scale models representing the sun and planets. This is a fun way to try and understand the massive distances and sizes involved.