Planetarium Experiences


Planetarium Experiences

We are fortunate to have two planetariums available as either the main resource or suitable background for our astronomy workshops.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment provided

We provide two delivery officers for this, presentations in PowerPoint format, projectors, and a choice of planetarium.

What you need to supply

A large enough indoor space, with a power supply, to safely inflate the dome without contact with any wall or ceiling fittings. The floor also needs to be level and cleared of any rough- or sharp-edged objects/fittings. We are happy to provide a pre-visit of the location to ensure its suitability.

Upon feedback from previous sessions, we would also recommend attendees have access to cushions or folded coats to sit on.

We also would ask for information about any accessibility requirements for those with physical disabilities so we can organise and plan entry to the planetariums accordingly.

Length of workshop

These sessions can be between 20 and 60 minutes in length depending on which presentation(s) have been selected.

If you have a large number of attendees, please be aware that we will need to run multiple sessions in the time available as they can only house a set number at a time (capacity varies depending on the planetarium being used).

Age Groups

The planetarium is an amazing resource in which we can cater for all ages. However, please be aware that the planetarium is very dark during parts of the activities, which can be problematic for younger children.

Links to other sessions

We have an additional projector within the planetariums for presenting PowerPoints from any of our range of space related workshops.

These include our Detecting Exoplanets and Planetary Exploration talks.

Please contact us if there is a particular space themed topic you would like us to present.

Variations of this workshop

As previously mentioned, we are very flexible with the talks provided within the planetariums.

With the latest addition of our digital version, we are now able to cover more immersive experiences such as the moon landing, traveling over Martian terrain or flying through the solar system.

We also offer repeat sessions throughout the day at public venues and events.