Aber Robotics Week 2023


Aber Robotics Week 2023

Aberystwyth University's Intelligent Robotics Group are hosting our annual Aber Robotics Week 17th - 23rd June 2023 as part of the UK Festival of Robotics.

BeachLab: Saturday 17th June

An photograph of all those involved in BeachLab 2019 outside Aberystwyth Bandstand. Banner present advertising BeachLab on 17th June 2023 at Aberystwyth Bandstand.

We are returning to our seaside location of Aberystwyth Bandstand.

This event is a public showcasing of robots from, but not limited to, research, outreach, student and staff hobbyists, and educators.

We will also have guest exhibits from local companies and groups.

Previous exhibits:

Dr Patricia Shaw with Miro, a companion robot pet
Dr Fred Labrosse with an autonomous all terrain vehicle.
R2D2 and his Steampunk partner. Built by Stephen Fearn
Dr Hannah Dee and her robot submarine
Tally Roberts with a range of educational robots
Another of Dr Fred Labrosse's autonomous all terrain vehicles.
Sivert Hellvik Havsø with Cranc, a coastal surveying robot
Dr Helen Miles with Barnes Rover

All exhibition photographs were taken and provided by Suzanne Fearn (2021)

Robotics Week Activities

Wednesday 21st June 4pm - 6pm Robot Lab Live

A Virtual Robotics showcase, livestreamed on the UK-RAS Network's YouTube channel. An opportunity to see inside eight of the UK's top robotics labs, and this year featuring Aberystwyth Field Robotics.

Watch the trailers now:

Aberystwyth Lab:

Overview from all 8 labs:

Cannot Wait?

Here are some activities and workshops to get you started

There are many more workshops available on our Computer Science Outreach Hub.