Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

What is 'intelligence'? Can a machine be 'intelligent'?

This is an interactive discussion and debating exercise allowing students to investigate the complexities of identifying intelligence.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts.

Equipment provided

We provide a delivery officer, a PowerPoint presentation, and a card-sort activity.

What you need to supply

A large screen or projector we can connect to for the PowerPoint presentation.

If possible, we also recommend flexible seating to allow for repositioning of participants and a large floor space for the card-sort activity.

We already have all the videos stored offline on a USB drive; however, the AI questioning section requires an internet connection. If this is not possible, we can adapt the workshop to skip this activity.

Length of workshop

Ideally, this workshop requires a minimum of 60 minutes. It can easily be extended to 2 hours through the inclusion of additional discussion points and more information regarding the Turing Test.

Age groups

The workshop is aimed at GCSE and A-Level students.

We have done this workshop successfully with year 9 (13-14 years old) pupils, but we would not advise it for younger due to the conceptual thinking requirements.

Links to other workshops.

This works well as a stand-alone workshop but can be used as part of a series. For example, it is often used as an introductory session before one of our higher-level Lego Mindstorms workshops.

We have also used this activity as an introduction for a talk from one of our Intelligent Robotics Group about their research projects at Aberystwyth University.

Virtual delivery requirements

Due to the interactive aspect of this workshop, remote delivery will be tailored differently and require on-site staff support for the activities/discussions.

You would need to provide a large screen/projector with a webcam and microphone connection to Teams.

We will send copies of the card sort which will require printing beforehand.

There is also a pre-recorded version of the talk aspect, along with the card-sort activity available on our Outreach Hub: Can a Computer be Intelligent? This can be used as an alternative to a live virtual session.

Feedback received

Thank you very much for a very enthusiastic afternoon with the students - Teacher.

It was incredibly thought provoking - Seren Conference 2020

Thank YOU! It was such a great session ... I think the students certainly benefited from it - Teacher.