Lego Minstorms


Lego Mindstorms

Programming Lego robots to perform tasks autonomously using block programming.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment Provided

We provide the delivery officer and up to 20 NXT and 10 EV3 Mindstorm kits.

Several identical build NXT Lego Mindstorm unitsSeveral different builds of the EV3 Lego Mindstorm units

We can also provide 20 laptops for the workshop with the official Lego programming software pre-installed.

What you need to supply

A desk area large enough to accommodate the computer requirements of at least one computer per two students and floor space for the robot challenges.

If using own computers, we recommend installing the Lego software beforehand. If this is not possible, we can bring pen-drives, or use an alternative third-party (Microsoft) in-browser software.

Length of workshop

These workshops require a minimum of 60 minutes.

Age group

We recommend these workshops for years 5-13 (ages 10-18).

We use the NXT units with beginners as they are all pre-built chassis ready to program and go.

For older and/or more experienced learners, we use our EV3 units. These are pre-built into different types of robots, as seen in our Remote EV3 Challenges pages.

We can, and have, catered to year 4 pupils by removing the programming aspect and focusing on the engineering/building of remote control 'sumo units'.

Links to other workshops

Although these can be offered as a stand-alone workshop, we do recommend introducing younger pupils to robotics through our 'What is a Robot?' session.

For older students, we recommend linking this in series with our Artificial Intelligence guided debate.

Virtual delivery requirements

We have made an online alternative to these workshops available online, see Remote EV3 Challenges.

We are willing to offer support to a group working through these activities and, if possible, test the programs on the units which will be viewed via web-camera.

Variations on this workshop

If you have the time availability, we can expand this workshop to a full-day challenge that incorporates building, learning to program and various challenges.

We have hosted Lego Olympic events as part of our Aber Robotics Week - a day of various challenges where they must build and program to overcome.

Our relaunched Aber Robotics Club will also be developing new material for their students as part of our annual curriculum.

We also offer more focused programming challenges and support for any teams looking to participate in the First Lego League.