Tinkercad Circuits


Tinkercad Circuits

Tinkercad is a free in-browser software that includes circuit simulation and programming in an online classroom environment.

This workshop aims to tech about electrical and/or programmable electronic circuits.

The electrical circuits aspect looks at how a circuit works, current, voltage, resistance and Ohm's Law using an accurate simulator.

For electronic circuits we explore more of the components available, adding micro-controllers (Micro:Bit and/or Arduino), and programming.

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment provided

We can provide 15 laptops for this workshop. However, an internet connection is required to use the software. We tend to invite groups to Aberystwyh University for this session if they are unable to access suitable computers at their usual location.

This workshop includes a PowerPoint Presentation and laminated handouts.

What you need to supply

A screen/projector for presenting.

If using own computers, then an internet connection and browser is required.

Length of workshop

To cover the electrical circuit content takes 30 - 60 minutes (depending on whether they have covered these concepts in class before).

For the programming of electronic circuits, we can do a basic starter session in 30 minutes and then build up as far as any additional time allows.

Age groups

These sessions are designed for KS3 upwards (ages 11+).

Designed for learners in physics, computer science and engineering.

Links to other workshops

We have an Introduction to Micro:Bits workshop that can be linked into the programmable circuits aspect of this for learners with little or no experience.

Alternatively, we provide an online BBC Micro:Bit Programming for Educators guide with activity packs to do in class.

Tinkercad software also incorporates 3D designing tools. We can offer a session on designing a casing and/or model for their completed circuits. Details for this workshop will be made available on our workshop menu soon.

In the future we also hope to offer educators free access to our STEM club resources for electronics in Tinkercad.

Virtual delivery requirements

We are happy to offer our support remotely for this workshop, although this will be reliant on you being able to supply the necessary equipment as listed below:

Variations on this workshop

We have 10 electronics kits available which have been used as an extension of this activity. Learners have taken what they've learnt in the simulator to build complete programmed circuits using a micro-controller and breadboard.

An Adruino circuit using a number of components and a breadboard

Previous and current projects supported by the use of Tinkercad circuits include automated greenhouse systems, neomatrix display panels, smart home systems and home security devices.