TinkerCad Circuits


Tinkercad Circuits for Educators

This page is dedicated to providing teaching guides, resources, and information on how to use and incorporate TinkerCad circuits in the classroom.

Video Introduction to TinkerCad Circuits

Lesson Resources

We hope to soon have our own classroom pack of resources available free in our TES Shop.

In the meantime:

There are a number of lesson plans available on TinkerCad for teachers - however, they are mostly focused on 3D designing or programming circuits.

For basic circuits (non-programmable), there are tutorials and projects available in the TinkerCad Learning Center to help you get started.

We have several resources that we use for online activities, our own workshops, and the Aber Robotics Club. The links are provided below.

We have put together an online worksheet using TinkerCad circuit building.

Introduction to Circuits

This covers the basics of what a circuit is, how to draw circuit diagrams, current, voltage, and resistance.

We created a set of challenge cards to introduce circuits to our Aber Robotics Club members.

Please be aware that this also includes some Micro:Bit programming. For assistance, please see our Educators Guide to Micro:Bits.

We have also recorded an Introduction to Circuits lesson for our Aber Robotics Club members.

Additional Information

TinkerCad provide an Official Guide to Tinkercad Circuits.

We are currently working on additional resources to support educators with programmable circuits in TinkerCad.

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