Scratch Workshops


Scratch Workshops

Using block programming within Scratch (a free in-browser or installed desktop app) to create animations and/or games.

Here is an example of the sort of games that can be made in Scratch (taken from our Paddle Ball online workshop).

Select speed and press spacebar to start demo

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment provided

Along with a delivery officer and PowerPoint presentations, we have 15 laptops available with the Scratch software pre-installed.

What you need to supply

We require a large display screen/projector that we can use for the PowerPoints.

We recommend these exercises be done in a computer room with at least one computer between two learners. We can supply laptops if such facilities are unavailable.

Length of workshop

These sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes.

As we tend to tune the content according to your project goals, more than one session may be necessary.

Age groups

As this program uses simple block programming, we offer these to year 4-9 (ages 8-13).

For those aged 5-7, we can offer a simplified version of these workshops using Scratch Jr.

A screenshot of Scratch Jr:

a screenshot of Scratch Junior.

Links to other workshops

These workshops can be stand-alone or part of a series to support a project.

We find that these help lead into other block programming sessions, such as our Turtle Blocks and Lego Mindstorms workshops.

Additional programming workshops in JavaScript, Python and Arduino C are being developed which may be of interest for those wishing to go beyond block languages.

Virtual delivery requirements

A large presentation screen or projector with Teams or Zoom installed for video conferencing.

Enough computers for at least one between two learners, with internet access to share Scratch files for remote assistance.

As an alternative, we also have some step-by-step guides for making a Space Game and a Paddleball Game using Scratch.

We also have a Scratch Animation Workbook available.

Variations on this workshop

As part of Aberystwyth University's 150 Anniversary celebrations, our Department of Computer Science designed a Stories of Aber Animation Competition with associated Scratch workshops and workbook.