Turtle Blocks


Turtle Blocks

A workshop on using block programming to draw specific shapes and patterns. This teaches about programming and geometry.

This uses a free, in-browser, logo inspired program called Turtle Blocks

To discuss or book this or any of our other workshops, please contact Tally Roberts

Equipment provided

Along with a delivery officer and PowerPoint presentation, we also provide laminated challenge cards for the class.

We also have a class set of 20 laptops available if required.

What you need to supply

We require access to a large presentation screen or projector for our presentations.

The software involved requires an internet connection (there is no offline version available unfortunately), which often means that it is easier to use your own computers if available - we recommend at least one between two learners.

Length of workshop

We recommend a minimum of 60 minutes for this workshop.

Age groups

This workshop is targeted at years 5-9 (ages 9-13).

Differentiation is present in the form of tiers within each challenge. The higher the tier, the greater the difficulty.

Links to other workshops

It isn't necessary for participants to have previous experience in block-programming, however, we'd recommend an introductory session on Scratch or Micro:Bits beforehand.

Virtual delivery requirements

We can support this workshop remotely via Teams or Zoom set-up on a large screen or projector with a webcam and microphone.

Digital copies of the hand-outs can be made available for you to print before the session, or we can upload them to a webpage the students can view.

The best location for this would be a computer room with at least one machine between two learners.

We also offer a free Turtle Blocks classroom resource pack which can be downloaded from our TES shop.

Variations on this workshop

We are always happy to tune our workshops to specific needs or occasions. For example, we released an online workshop using Turtle Blocks to draw flowers for both St Dwynwen and Valentine days 2021.