Organisational Structures


Organisational Structures

A-Level Outreach Program

Welcome to an installment of Aberystwyth Business School's Video Lecture Series.

These lectures are in-line with the A-level Business Studies Curriculum across the UK.

Our apologies for the videos being only available, currently, in English

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RemaPlay is a medium sized business based in Chester.

They sell educational toys through the internet, mail ordering and catalogues.

Their focus is to compete on cost (to be a low cost supplier).

The organisation has two levels: The ownership family and the hourly paid staff.

The hourly paid staff distribution is displayed in the below table.

DepartmentNo. of Staff

Current Issues


  1. Outline why the lack of hierarchy might lead to problems in running the business.
  2. How does the current structure affect;
    1. Profitability?
    2. Morale?
    3. Communication in general?
  3. Explain how RemaPlay should be structured via an organisational chart.
  4. How might your organisation structure improve operations and profitability?

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Aberystwyth Business School Outreach Co-ordiator: Dr Sohpie Bennett
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