Porters 5 Forces


Porters 5 Forces

A-Level Outreach Program

Welcome to an installment of Aberystwyth Business School's Video Lecture Series.

These lectures are in-line with the A-level Business Studies Curriculum across the UK.

Our apologies for the videos being only available, currently, in English

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This activity is designed to apply your understanding of Porters (5) Forces Model to Uber.

Make a list of the five forces and note all the ways in which Uber is strategically manipulating Porters (5) Competitive Forces. Then attempt the following activities.

  1. In what ways does the competition in an industry impact Uber? What has Uber done to change the environment for the whole industry?

  2. Make a list of the priority elements of Porters model that Uber should most carefully monitor

  3. Visit the Uber homepage, investigate the ways in which Uber is diversifying its value to potential customers

  4. In 5 years time, do you think that Uber Ride will still be the biggest component of Ubers revenue? Support your answer with evidence from Porter's model

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